Friday, June 3, 2011

Huge Skybrook Neighborhood Garage Sale: Funwear Items Marked Down & On Sale!

     It's the Annual Skybrook Neighborhood Garage Sale!  And Funwear Items will be ON SALE and MARKED DOWN for this exclusive event! Each year Skybrook has a HUGE garage sale event that attracts hundreds of people from the surrounding Charlotte areas. This year's event promises to be as big or bigger than any of the previous events. It starts at 7am so come early! That is Skybrook's bow to the "early birds" who would come early anyway in the past, so now we just start at 7am, because that's when people begin showing up anyway! HOURS: 7AM - NOON Grab a flier from an attendant and you'll see my info on it, with directions for where to go!

     All of my jewelry on will be on display and will be significantly marked down for this event! Don't miss it!  This is a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping! Don't let the "garage sale" venue fool you, all of my Funwear items are new and unused. I will be offering deals on Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions also!! I have many items that I have not had time to post on my Etsy shop so come on by and take a look! I have Grizzly Feather earrings, Guinea Feather earrings, Scrabble Tile Necklaces - I have many styles and designs that have not been posted on Etsy. I also have about 30 "seconds". These are Scrabble Tile Necklaces that are perfect except for one teeny tiny flaw that you would probably not even notice, but I do and I won't sell them at full price, so I call them "seconds" and sell them for $3.00 each!  That is a bargain and noone would even be able to see the tiny "flaw". Everything will be marked down and I will be offering a "make it and take it" Pandora Style bracelet for an encredibly affordible price! You won't be able to beat these prices, so come on out to the HUGE SKYBROOK NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE!! Here are a few photos of some of the things I'll have for sale!

Simple Style Grizzly Feather Hair Extension - natural, yellow, lime green, or deep purple
Grizzly Hair Extension - Simple Style

Layered Style Grizzly Feather Hair Extension - natural, yellow, lime green, or deep purple
Grizzly Rooster Feather Hair Extension - Layered Style
Grizzly Feather Earrings : Can be worn a variety of ways!
Grizzly Feather EarringsGrizzly Feather EarringsGrizzly Feather EarringsGrizzly Feather EarringsGrizzly Feather Earrings
Scrabble Tile Necklaces
Pink Cheetah Scrabble Tile NecklaceScrabble Tile Necklace: Hawaiian Hibiscus PrintFist Pump Scrabble Tile NecklaceTwilight Wolf Scrabble Tile NecklacePirates of the Caribbean Scrabble Tile NecklaceSpace Invaders Scrabble Tile Necklace
Hemp Bracelets & Necklaces
Golden Hemp Bracelet - Earth FriendlyEarth Friendly Hemp BraceletFlower Power Hemp BraceletHemp Peace Choker  14.5 in.Hemp Bracelet - Fashion Smart & Earth FriendlyBlue and White Hemp Bracelet
Rings, Rings, and more Rings.....
Rose Ring Size 8.5Amethyst and Whites Ring Size 7.5Purple Bling Ring Size 9Brown Betty Ring Size 12Purple Bling Ring Size 9Color Cluster   Size 7.5Turquois Beauty Ring Size 7

This is just a sample of what is going ON SALE at the garage sale COME ON BY!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Costa Rica - Part 2!: :) I'm here!

Costa Rica - Part 2!: :) I'm here!: "I sat with three kindergarten girls today, trying to figure out how to entertain them without being able to communicate. One of them introdu..."

I'm in Costa Rica!: Beginnings.

I'm in Costa Rica!: Beginnings.: "So, I made it to Costa Rica! When my plane landed, I was super nervous that when I left the airport, no one would be waiting outside for me...."