Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Costa Rica - Part 2!: Wrong Flight.

Costa Rica - Part 2!: Wrong Flight.: "'I'm afraid you've booked for the wrong city.' Not exactly the words I wanted to hear. And it was impossible, right? I booked these tick..."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!......Etsy Style!!

     With 17 years of military service between the both of us, my husband and I know first hand what it means to serve our country. We understand the hardships and sacrifices faced by the men and women of the armed forces and their families, and we respect them tremendously. We still have family members serving and our oldest son is heading off to begin his career in the U.S. Navy this October. Our prayers go out to the men and women serving in harms way!
     Etsy shops have just about everything you can think of, so when I thought about doing a blog post about interesting items available in Etsy shops related to the military or Memorial Day, I was sure I could find some things that would stand out! Of course, I did, and here they are!

     Our first stop is at a cute little shop called "Hop Skip Jump Paper", which sells art prints. They have an entire shop section of "I Love You from...." prints that are associated with military bases or places like Afghanistan.  Their "I Love You From Here To Kandahar, Fine Art Print, 8x10" sells for $18.00 @ http://www.hopskipjumppaper.etsy.com/
I Love You From Here To Kandahar, Fine Art Print, 8x10

     Our second stop is at a jewelry shop called "ParaWear 550"  that specializes in using  Mil-Spec ParaCord 550. This is a parachute cord, capable of supporting 550 lb. used by the military, survivalists, medical purposes, patrolmen, etc. They create several bracelets that would appeal to the military minded shopper. Their "Military Spouse Bracelet" sells for $8.00 @ http://www.parawear550.etsy.com/ and the next photo was is the bracelet for him.
Military Spouse Bracelet
     "Military Spouse Bracelet for Him" sells for $8.00 @ http://www.parawear550.etsy.com/
    Military Spouse Bracelet for Him

           Our third stop is a rustic sign shop, called "Sawdust & Stitches", that makes a variety of items in wood, vinyl, and cloth. The owner takes custom orders and turn-around is about 2-3 weeks, due to her dedication to her family. Her signs are popular and sell well. Her "Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Primitive Wood Sign" sells for $8.00 @ http://www.sawdustnstitches.etsy.com/
Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Primitive Wood Sign

     Our last stop is a shop called,  "G3 Kreations by USCGWife", that creates some great jewelry. She's a Coast Guard, mother of 3 and one of her designs is the "Coast Guard Wife Necklace", which is completely customizable. You can change the "wife" and replace it with "mom," "grandmother," "aunt," "sister," and/or "daughter." The seal can be changed also - all branches of the military available. It sells for $15.00 @ http://www.uscgwife.etsy.com/
Coast Guard Wife Necklace

Remember! I don't receive payment of any kind for featuring these great Etsy artisans and shops on my blog, so don't hesitate to stop by my shop too while your browsing around theirs. http://www.funwear.etsy.com/


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eco Friendly Etsy Crafting: "Upcycling", "Recycling", "Remodeling", "Renovating", "Refurbishing"

     Whatever you call it, the eco friendly crafters at Etsy take creativity to a new level. They've not only creativly taken the old and made it new and amazingly interesting, they've also added entirely new words to the English lexicon, like "upcycling" which, in essence, means refurbishing, but you won't find that at Thesaurus.com! Today's post will be an introduction to a few of the shops at Etsy who have created some special products based on their convictions that what may appear as waste or unwanted can be tweaked with a little magic here and there and made into something sweet & special.

      This "Blue Vintage Floral Domino Bracelet" sells for $15.00 @ http://www.trasherflystudios.etsy.com/ which is a great little shop on Etsy ran by Bridgette Jones.....no, not of the London variety, this Miss. Jones hales from Washington state. She calls herself "a single mom craftivist" and explains the goal of "Upcycling" as "basically  converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The goal is to prevent wasting potentially useful materials." You can read more about her and her products at her shop. Take a look at the additional photos that go along with these items too.
Blue Vintage Floral Domino Bracelet
I can see this on someone who enjoys that funky, "Cindy Lauper", kind of eclectic look buying this
"Green Upcycled Reader's Digest Bookpurse" which sells for $30.00 @ http://www.trasherflystudios.etsy.com/
its too cute!!
Green Upcycled Reader's Digest Bookpurse

From our second shop: this is beautiful necklace is called, "Oh Lord Cherry Red Glass Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry" by a great little shop called "Ecoblingcouture".  It sells for $148.00 @ http://www.ecoblingcouture.etsy.com/  Ecoblingcouture says everything she makes is out of recycled , broken , bits and pieces of jewelry. She takes everything apart down to the jump rings and redesigns them into something different and unique! She also does custom work for her customers. They will send her a pile of Jewelry to make wonderful pieces from! Wow! That's Amazing! Absolutely Beautiful!
 Oh Lord Cherry Red Glass Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry
This is "The Fairytale Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry" sells for $205.00 @ http://www.ecoblingcouture.etsy.com/
The Fairytale Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry

Another vintage jewelry repurposing shop on Etsy is "My Lady's Vintage Jewels". She has been collecting jewelry for over 35 years and has been researching,studying, and selling jewelry on Ebay since the late 90's.
She  loves recycling, repurposing, refashioning antique and vintage jewelry!  Her "Opulent One Vintage Magnifying Glass Assemblage Necklace With Vintage Art Beads" is fashioned from a unique vintage magnifying glass, vintage Mardi Gras glass beads, and a few other charms and beads. It sells for $74.95 @ http://www.myladysvintagejewels.etsy.com/
Opulent One   Vintage Magnifying Glass Assemblage Necklace With Vintage Art Beads
The "TwIsTeD SiStEr Repurposed Vintage Ooak Jewelry Bracelet Adjustable Cuff" sells for $34.95 @ http://www.myladysvintagejewels.etsy.com/
TwIsTeD SiStEr   Repurposed Vintage Ooak Jewelry  Bracelet Adjustable Cuff

     The last shop on today's list is "Black Bird Chic". They describe themselves as having an "urban chic style inspired by inner city liviing". They offer a 25% off Coupon Code on their site. Their "MAGAZINE. Coasters. Set of 4." sells for $15.00 @ http://www.blackbirdchic.etsy.com/  They recycle magazines and make these awesome coasters. They are sealed and have cork backing. They are uniform in measurements and very modern and trendy looking. Excellent!! See the shop to check out the other photos and read more about these great coasters!
MAGAZINE. Coasters. Set of 4.
 Their "New York City Subway Map Coasters. Set of 4." scream "urban chic" and sell for $15.00 @ http://www.blackbirdchic.etsy.com/
New York City Subway Map Coasters. Set of 4.

Remember!  I don't get paid for featuring these shops or products here on my blog, I'm just sharing these interesting and awesome Etsy artisans with my readers, so if you're browsing around on Etsy in the future, drop by http://www.funwear.etsy.com/

Friday, May 27, 2011

New! Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions! Grizzly Feather Earrings! Scrabble Tile Necklaces!

     If you've been following my blog lately then you may have noticed that I haven't posted in about a week. It's been a crazy, busy week, with my husband's birthday at the center of it. I've been so busy I haven't had an opportunity to post until today. Having already made some Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions, earrings and Scrabble Tile Necklaces, I spent some long hours posting new items on the Funwear shop. Here are a few examples of some of the newest items available. The photos aren't the greatest - remember the week was really very aweful, but  I'll be replacing them with better photos and more new items are coming soon!

     "Grizzly Hair Extension - Simple Style" for $6.00 @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/
Grizzly Hair Extension - Simple Style

     "Grizzly Rooster Feather Hair Extension - Layered Style" for $12 @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/
Grizzly Rooster Feather Hair Extension - Layered Style

     "Grizzly Feather Earrings" for $15.00 @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/
Grizzly Feather Earrings

     "Pink Cheetah Scrabble Tile Necklace" for $7.50 @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/
Pink Cheetah Scrabble Tile Necklace

     "Twilight Wolf Scrabble Tile Necklace" for $7.50 @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/
Twilight Wolf Scrabble Tile Necklace

Feel free to stop by and check out the newest items in the shop!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Too Cute Cats: Custom made cat paw cellphone charm and screen wip...

Too Cute Cats: Custom made cat paw cellphone charm and screen wip...: "Just finished the cute cat paw cellphone charm and screen wiper for a special order on etsy. It is adorable and really soft. You can use ..."

Studio76 Cosmetics: Treasure Dad for Father's Day

Studio76 Cosmetics: Treasure Dad for Father's Day: "A few days ago I began listing my men's items. It's stuff I carry and make all year round and that sell like hot cakes at farmer's markets ..."

Au Naturelle: Monday Monday !

Au Naturelle: Monday Monday !: "I have a few new jewelry listings on Etsy today! Scorpion Moon Designs http://www.etsy.com/listing/74222976/fifties-hop-pink-jade-with-rhin..."

White Lily Design: Esmeralda, vintagekoru

White Lily Design: Esmeralda, vintagekoru: "Valkoisia ja kermanvärisiä helmiäishelmiä, välissä kirkkaita fasetoituja muovihelmiä, kaksi roikkuvaa pyöreää riipusta, 11 euroa sisältäen p..."

Kanelstrand blog: DIY Weekend: The Pants Bowl

Kanelstrand blog: DIY Weekend: The Pants Bowl: "It's finally time for the long-awaited DIY I promised you, which is also eco! So, let the upcycling begin! We normally knit and crochet us..."

Cozy Island: CAPTAIN'S LOG

Cozy Island: CAPTAIN'S LOG: "If you know my husband you'll know he is an avid sci-fi reader, something I do not understand! I think it is amazing that star trek's imagin..."

Welcome to Crimson Hill Soaps & Scents: How Do You Define Customer Service?

Welcome to Crimson Hill Soaps & Scents: How Do You Define Customer Service?

A Vision to Remember-crafting, sewing, creating, eating, sahm, cooking, LOVING: Check Me Out Saturday Week 65 Craft Link Party

A Vision to Remember-crafting, sewing, creating, eating, sahm, cooking, LOVING: Check Me Out Saturday Week 65 Craft Link Party

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday! Something Fanciful and Playful for Everyone!

     Dictionary.com describes "whimsical" as "spontaneously fanciful or playful".  If you've ever just randomly browsed Etsy you'll have to admit that the same definition would apply to the term "Etsy" itself. So each Wednesday I have assigned myself the job of finding items that stand out in the "spontaneously fanciful or playful" category, which can be pretty difficult at times. I hope you enjoy today's picks!!

     I thought we'd start with what I call "whimsical lite", but what Stellaboo calls, "Kitsch Giant Button Necklace". It's a huge baby blue plastic button that measures 2 inches and hangs from a silver plated 24 inch chain.I like it for its simplicity and fun!  It sells for $8.50 and is available from http://www.stellaboo.etsy.com/
Kitsch Giant Button Necklace

Whimsy is no stranger to Chrissy410. Her "Polymer Clay Bottle Cap COW Bead" is both fanciful and playful, and extremely well done! She only has two varieties on her shop site, but we're hope for more animals soon!! It sells for $10.00 at http://www.chrissy410.etsy.com/
Polymer Clay Bottle Cap COW Bead

     What could be more whimsical than Greece and the sea? Greek sea glass!  This pretty piece of natural, white, greek seaglass is full of fun with red colored copper wire wrapping and red swarofsky crystal rhinestones. It's created by Ginalimosaics and she calls it her "Sea Glass Necklace red wire wrapped". It is sells for $26.00 @ http://www.ginalimosaics.etsy.com/
Sea Glass Necklace red wire wrapped

     For that dressy event that calls for a little whimsy and a little spontaneity consider wearing a "Black Tie Necklace - Cute Enamel Bow Tie with Vintage Faux Pearl Chain Spring Fashion" by Bionicunicorn. The next couple of photos she how understated it can look and how "funky" it can look. It's really a very fun piece of jewelry!! It sells for $26.00 @ http://www.bionicunicorn.etsy.com/
Black Tie Necklace - Cute Enamel Bow Tie with Vintage Faux Pearl Chain Spring Fashion
Black Tie Necklace - Cute Enamel Bow Tie with Vintage Faux Pearl Chain Spring Fashion

     Finally, we have a trully whimsical bracelet made by Frenchaccentbymagali. She calls it, "Whimsical recycled vintage findings with green purple pink beads charm bracelet Free shipping inUS" and it is created from recycled vintage jewelry she has purchased from antique shops and beads and other findings she has purchased from Etsy sellers. She has wire wrapped them onto a large linked, silver plated bracelet chain with a large lobster claw clasp that allows for easily adjusting. It sells for $105.00 at http://www.frenchaccentbymagali.etsy.com/
Whimsical recycled vintage findings with green purple pink beads charm bracelet Free shipping inUS

     Of course, when your feeling a little whimsical don't forget to head over to http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ and have a look and what there!  You might find something truly whimsical.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Teen Review: What's Hot at Etsy for Teens!

     Tuesday is my favorite day because I get to look for all of the "stuff" I'd love to wear!  If only I were a teen again.....and had access to Etsy and an unlimited bank account! Browsing Etsy is always fun, but browsing from the "teen" or young adult perspective is so much more exciting because Etsy is the place go for fashion, fun and funk!

     For instance, have you ever ran across "Ballerina Pink Leggings with Diamonds and Raindrops" in a mainstream shop? I sure haven't, and I'm not likely to either. Having experienced the 80's and Cindy Lauper as a young adult, I can definitely see myself in these with a teeny tiny skirt!  What fun! These sell for $47 and are created by prettypennydesigns. She screen prints creating scarves, tops, leggings, and bags. She even offers Plus sizes in her "Curvy Girl" shop section. Check her shop out at http://www.prettypennydesigns.etsy.com/
Ballerina Pink Leggings with Diamonds and Raindrops

     Teens are always getting together for one reason or another and that means invitations! Denadesign shop at Etsy makes customized invitations with teens in mind. Here is her example, called "Custom photo graduation announcement - sweet 16" because it can be customized into a sweet sixteen party invitation, a graduation announcement, etc. Choose your colors, photos, etc. She takes your order via email, you approve the proof and she delivers the high resolution digital file to you via email for you to print on your home printer or at a professional print shop. Cost = $15.00  @ http://www.denadesign.etsy.com/
custom photo graduation announcement - sweet 16

         Summer is here and Etsy has some fun summer gear! SoSoHippo is a shop that specializes in clothing for the entire family. They offer something for everyone and toys as well. Their "Cute fashion scrap tank top" is perfect for summer fun and sells for $32. It's a great look and if you look closely at the photo you'll see there was snow on the ground when the model so willingly modelled the top! What good sport! You can browse their other clothing options @ http://www.sosohippo.etsy.com/
cute fashion scrap tank top

     All teens love accessories, and Peace signs seem to transcend the generation gaps. Wearpunctuation offers a simple bracelet called "Peace Bracelet". It sells for $12.00 and can be customized to fit your wrist. Available at http://www.wearpunctuation.etsy.com/
Peace Bracelet

While your browsing Etsy, don't forget to head over to my shop http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ !


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday: Thinking outside the Jewelry Box!!

     When I hear the word "jewelry" I picture metal, gems, beads, stone, and sometimes leather. I know, that makes me a little conventional and staid, but what can I say? Today's artists are nothing like me. They think outside the proverbial "jewelry box"! Their jewelry is made from an array of interesting and unusual materials with some outstanding results. Here are just a few of them for your enjoyment:

     YesJess is a shop that specializes in knitted products. She is very successful, with 1188 sales to her credit since opening in April of 2009. She has a jewelry section in her shop that offers necklaces and bangles in a variety of styles. The following couple of photos are of her "Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold" which sells for $22.00 @ http://www.yesjess.etsy.com/
Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold
Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold

     "Cufflinks" is a simple name for a shop that offers an amazing number of whimsical cufflinks to choose from. He offers Leggo cufflinks, Leggo Starwars cufflinks, Bullet/Shell cufflinks, Coin cufflinks, Scrabble cufflinks, Tie tacks, and a shop section titled "Other" that includes cufflinks that look like playing cards, Monopoly pieces, etc. The following couple of photos are of his LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks which sell for $14.99 @ http://www.cufflinks.etsy.com/
LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks
LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks

     I love contemporary art, furniture and now it seems I've discovered that I love contemporary jewelry. My home is definitely contemporary, but as I said before, I'm not trained in art and I'm not an artistic risk taker by nature, so I had to study for hours at the library to get the effect at home that I wanted. While browsing Etsy, I found "frankideas".  Frankideas uses felt, recycled plastic, buttons, rubber, and other textiles in her art.  Yes, I said, "her"! The shop was given its name by the owner, Rowan, who recently explained that her ideas are "frank", so it seemed appropriate. She considers herself a "free spirit" and so will you when you check out her shop. The following couple of photos are from her shop @ http://www.frankideas.etsy.com/    This first necklace is her felt and rubber olive green designer necklace which sells for $40.00
felt necklace, felt and rubber necklace. olive green. contemporary, handmade designer jewelry by frankideas on Etsy
The following is her paper necklace which sells for $45.00.  Beautiful!!!
paper necklace, paper jewelry,  red flower necklace

     "AlwaysAbby" specializes in jewelry made from ribbon rosettes, beads and pearls. Its fun and whimsical when dressing down, but perfect for dressing up too. She offers necklaces, headbands, and earrings @ http://www.alwaysabby.etsy.com/  Check out this Beautiful Pink Roses Necklace which sells for $20.00, perfect for dressing up a casual outfit for a quick lunch out with the girls.
Beautiful Pink Roses Necklace

Wedding Pearls: You Pick the Colors is perfect for that dress you've chosen for cousin Jane's wedding. The best part is....customize it to match! It sells for $17.00
Wedding Pearls: You Pick the Colors

I know you're thinking that I must get a kick back or something for promoting these shops, but I don't, really! I just like to browse Etsy and gab, online! So, while you're over at Etsy doing some browsing too, stop by my shop @ http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ and have a look!

Need Supplies for all Your Crafts? Check out the Etsy supply shops!!

     When you think of Etsy, you usually imagine an array of handmade goods for sale, but Etsy offers supplies as well. Whether you're an artist trying to restock or a crafter looking for that hard to find product that makes a crafter's life so much easier, you're bound to find it in one of the Etsy supply shops. Better yet, if it's variety you're after, the competing Etsy shops provide plenty of variety to choose from. The wonderful search function allows shoppers to find all of the shops offering the item they're looking for which makes comparing styles, prices, colors, etc. easy.  Here are a few supply shops that offer some great products at wonderful prices!

     The first shop is mine,  "Beads2Buy",  which sells Pandora style beads, charms, and the snake chain bracelets to make the charm bracelets with. The beads are Murano glass lampwork beads with silver cores. They fit Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, & Biagi bracelets. The beads are high quality and the prices are great. Single Beads $1.50 ea.,     3 Beads for 3.35,      5 Beads for $5.25  Its very hard to find a better price for this quality of bead.   Pandora sells beads like these starting at $25 to $35 - check out their website, you'll want to return to the deals at http://www.beads2buy.etsy.com/
Beautiful Blue Pandora Style Bead

HMCreativeSupplies makes leather flower embellishments that can be added to items you're creating, they make leather rolled beads, and leather wrist bands for jewelry artists too. They offer a variety of ;eatjer colors and a variety of flower styles.
"Applique, embellishment,cabochon flowers baby blue color made from leather 3 PCS" which sells for $4.50@ http://www.hmcreativesupplies.etsy.com/
Applique, embellishment,cabochon flowers baby blue color made from leather 3 PCS

     AMarketCollection creates die cut shapes from a variety of wool felt sheets. They have a large color range to choose from. They also create 3D flowers to add to your own creations. They will provide sheets of wool felt for your craft projects as well. Wool felt is not suitable for adding to clothing, due to lack of color fastness when laundered. Their "Wool Felt MINI Daisies Set of 8 - Dimensional Daisies" sell for $6.00 @ http://www.amarketcollection.etsy.com/
Wool Felt MINI Daisies Set of 8 - Dimensional Daisies

     BearyBox specializes in feathers. They sell feathers for hair extensions, jewelry, and other crafts. They have feathers in every imaginable color and length, from many species of birds. Their "GREEN Thin Long Grizzly Rooster Feathers" sell for $29.99 per dozen.  Check them out at http://www.bearybox.etsy.com/
1 Dozen - GREEN Thin Long Grizzly Rooster Feathers

Of course, while you're browsing supplies at Etsy, stop over at my shop http://www.beads2buy.etsy.com/ and my jewelry shop http://www.funwear.etsy.com/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Teen Review: Today's Etsy Offerings!

     Today's theme is "Random"!  "Random" seems to be the favorite word used by the teens around my house and neighborhood these days. So, today I thought I'd just randomly choose items and shops to showcase based on how eye catching they are.

     MotsDots is a shop that creates some attractive jewelry that is definitely eye catching. Take a look at her Alphabet Pendants which sell for $6 each and are made from 1 in. glass pendants and include a 20 in. ball chain. Part of her sales goes to support Street Youth Ministry in Austin, TX.  Check out her other whimsical and colorful jewelry at http://www.motsdots.etsy.com/
Alphabet Pendants
Alphabet Pendants

     buttonit is a shop full of fun personalized gifts like key chains and neclaces. She has made over 1254 sales since opening in March of 2008, concentrating on personalizing bottle cap necklaces and keyrings for teachers, students, sisters, etc. Take a look at her "Class of PERSONALIZED Name, Year and School Colors Silver Pendant Necklace OR keychain - Graduate" which sells for $14.00. You can check out the rest of her shop at http://www.buttonit.etsy.com/
Class of  PERSONALIZED Name, Year and School Colors Silver Pendant Necklace OR keychain - Graduate

Creations by Michelle offers beautiful and unique stamped metal jewelry. It offers six necklace sections and conversation cuff section. Each necklace section is unique and interesting in itself and worth taking the time to shop through. I personally liked the conversation cuff section the best because of the vintage, hammered, look. It has a weathered, earthy feeling to it that makes it very attractive. Take a look at her "Conversation Cuff... Customize leather cuff bracelet with distressed nickel silver plate" which sells for $28.50 and while your at it check out her other pieces at http://www.creationsbymichelle.etsy.com/
Conversation Cuff... Customize leather cuff bracelet with distressed nickel silver plate

     HattieMcHatterson is a shop that specializes in knit hats and macrame friendship and gypsy bracelets. She makes some beautiful bracelets that sell for a decent price. She even offers a customized friendship bracelet option. Take a look at this "CUSTOM Macrame Friendship Bracelet- Dual Color Arrows" for $7.00 available at her shop at http://www.hattiemchatterson.etsy.com/
CUSTOM Macrame Friendship Bracelet- Dual Color Arrows
CUSTOM Macrame Friendship Bracelet- Dual Color Arrows

While your shopping Etsy, come on over to my shop at  http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ for some fun and whimsical jewelry finds!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

May = Nascar in Charlotte, NC! and Etsy has Something for Nascar Fans too!

     Charlotte is home to Lowes Motor Speedway, the Nascar Hall of Fame, the zMax Dragway, Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure, and more. When May comes around, Charlotte is in full Nascar swing. There are so many pre and post race events held in Charlotte that those events alone, could keep the city busy, but the Bush Cup and Sprint Cup races keep her busy as well, not to mention truck races. So if you haven't noticed by now, Charlotte, NC is the place to go for automobile racing in May.
     If you were wondering where to go to get great handmade auto racing accessories to wear to all of those  Nascar races, well, wonder no more. The Etsy artisans have been busy dreaming up an assortment of Nascar accessories for diehard fans. Here are just a few of choices available:

Racing Fan Hand Stamped Necklace by KristyLynnJewelry  for $38.00 http://www.kristylynnjewelry.etsy.com/
Customize - The artist using Swarovski crystals in the birthstone of the purchaser or the person the gift is intended for. The metal is stirling silver and hand stamped. Gift packaging is available.
Racing Fan Hand Stamped Necklace

Etched Brass Bullet - Earnhardt - NASCAR - Key Chain or Pendant by AmericanCarver for $19.00 @ http://www.americancarver.etsy.com/  This unique key chain is made from a brass 223 shell casing. The word NASCAR is on one side and the number "3" (Dale Earnhardt's number) is on the other. There is a leather lace running through the casing and a loop at one end to accept a ring for your keys or a chain, if you want it to be a pendant.
Etched Brass Bullet - Earnhardt - NASCAR - Key Chain or Pendant
Etched Brass Bullet - Earnhardt - NASCAR - Key Chain or Pendant

Kyle Busch Nascar Beaded Hoop Earrings by WinningWreaths  for $9.00 @ http://www.winningwreaths.etsy.com/   For the TRUE Kyle Busch fan!!
Kyle Busch Nascar Beaded Hoop Earrings

5-Speed Gear Shift Cufflinks - Nascar and Indy 500 Fashion Accessories - With Gift Box by CoolCufflinks for $24.99  To order contact them by email: koolcufflinks @ gmail.com
5-Speed Gear Shift Cufflinks - Nascar and Indy 500 Fashion Accessories - With Gift Box
And while you're visiting Etsy don't forget to drop by http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ - my shop to take a look at the newest line of Hemp bracelets!