Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Teen Review: What's Hot at Etsy for Teens!

     Tuesday is my favorite day because I get to look for all of the "stuff" I'd love to wear!  If only I were a teen again.....and had access to Etsy and an unlimited bank account! Browsing Etsy is always fun, but browsing from the "teen" or young adult perspective is so much more exciting because Etsy is the place go for fashion, fun and funk!

     For instance, have you ever ran across "Ballerina Pink Leggings with Diamonds and Raindrops" in a mainstream shop? I sure haven't, and I'm not likely to either. Having experienced the 80's and Cindy Lauper as a young adult, I can definitely see myself in these with a teeny tiny skirt!  What fun! These sell for $47 and are created by prettypennydesigns. She screen prints creating scarves, tops, leggings, and bags. She even offers Plus sizes in her "Curvy Girl" shop section. Check her shop out at http://www.prettypennydesigns.etsy.com/
Ballerina Pink Leggings with Diamonds and Raindrops

     Teens are always getting together for one reason or another and that means invitations! Denadesign shop at Etsy makes customized invitations with teens in mind. Here is her example, called "Custom photo graduation announcement - sweet 16" because it can be customized into a sweet sixteen party invitation, a graduation announcement, etc. Choose your colors, photos, etc. She takes your order via email, you approve the proof and she delivers the high resolution digital file to you via email for you to print on your home printer or at a professional print shop. Cost = $15.00  @ http://www.denadesign.etsy.com/
custom photo graduation announcement - sweet 16

         Summer is here and Etsy has some fun summer gear! SoSoHippo is a shop that specializes in clothing for the entire family. They offer something for everyone and toys as well. Their "Cute fashion scrap tank top" is perfect for summer fun and sells for $32. It's a great look and if you look closely at the photo you'll see there was snow on the ground when the model so willingly modelled the top! What good sport! You can browse their other clothing options @ http://www.sosohippo.etsy.com/
cute fashion scrap tank top

     All teens love accessories, and Peace signs seem to transcend the generation gaps. Wearpunctuation offers a simple bracelet called "Peace Bracelet". It sells for $12.00 and can be customized to fit your wrist. Available at http://www.wearpunctuation.etsy.com/
Peace Bracelet

While your browsing Etsy, don't forget to head over to my shop http://www.funwear.etsy.com/ !


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