Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eco Friendly Etsy Crafting: "Upcycling", "Recycling", "Remodeling", "Renovating", "Refurbishing"

     Whatever you call it, the eco friendly crafters at Etsy take creativity to a new level. They've not only creativly taken the old and made it new and amazingly interesting, they've also added entirely new words to the English lexicon, like "upcycling" which, in essence, means refurbishing, but you won't find that at! Today's post will be an introduction to a few of the shops at Etsy who have created some special products based on their convictions that what may appear as waste or unwanted can be tweaked with a little magic here and there and made into something sweet & special.

      This "Blue Vintage Floral Domino Bracelet" sells for $15.00 @ which is a great little shop on Etsy ran by Bridgette, not of the London variety, this Miss. Jones hales from Washington state. She calls herself "a single mom craftivist" and explains the goal of "Upcycling" as "basically  converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The goal is to prevent wasting potentially useful materials." You can read more about her and her products at her shop. Take a look at the additional photos that go along with these items too.
Blue Vintage Floral Domino Bracelet
I can see this on someone who enjoys that funky, "Cindy Lauper", kind of eclectic look buying this
"Green Upcycled Reader's Digest Bookpurse" which sells for $30.00 @
its too cute!!
Green Upcycled Reader's Digest Bookpurse

From our second shop: this is beautiful necklace is called, "Oh Lord Cherry Red Glass Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry" by a great little shop called "Ecoblingcouture".  It sells for $148.00 @  Ecoblingcouture says everything she makes is out of recycled , broken , bits and pieces of jewelry. She takes everything apart down to the jump rings and redesigns them into something different and unique! She also does custom work for her customers. They will send her a pile of Jewelry to make wonderful pieces from! Wow! That's Amazing! Absolutely Beautiful!
 Oh Lord Cherry Red Glass Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry
This is "The Fairytale Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry" sells for $205.00 @
The Fairytale Necklace Reclaimed Jewelry

Another vintage jewelry repurposing shop on Etsy is "My Lady's Vintage Jewels". She has been collecting jewelry for over 35 years and has been researching,studying, and selling jewelry on Ebay since the late 90's.
She  loves recycling, repurposing, refashioning antique and vintage jewelry!  Her "Opulent One Vintage Magnifying Glass Assemblage Necklace With Vintage Art Beads" is fashioned from a unique vintage magnifying glass, vintage Mardi Gras glass beads, and a few other charms and beads. It sells for $74.95 @
Opulent One   Vintage Magnifying Glass Assemblage Necklace With Vintage Art Beads
The "TwIsTeD SiStEr Repurposed Vintage Ooak Jewelry Bracelet Adjustable Cuff" sells for $34.95 @
TwIsTeD SiStEr   Repurposed Vintage Ooak Jewelry  Bracelet Adjustable Cuff

     The last shop on today's list is "Black Bird Chic". They describe themselves as having an "urban chic style inspired by inner city liviing". They offer a 25% off Coupon Code on their site. Their "MAGAZINE. Coasters. Set of 4." sells for $15.00 @  They recycle magazines and make these awesome coasters. They are sealed and have cork backing. They are uniform in measurements and very modern and trendy looking. Excellent!! See the shop to check out the other photos and read more about these great coasters!
MAGAZINE. Coasters. Set of 4.
 Their "New York City Subway Map Coasters. Set of 4." scream "urban chic" and sell for $15.00 @
New York City Subway Map Coasters. Set of 4.

Remember!  I don't get paid for featuring these shops or products here on my blog, I'm just sharing these interesting and awesome Etsy artisans with my readers, so if you're browsing around on Etsy in the future, drop by

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