Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday: Thinking outside the Jewelry Box!!

     When I hear the word "jewelry" I picture metal, gems, beads, stone, and sometimes leather. I know, that makes me a little conventional and staid, but what can I say? Today's artists are nothing like me. They think outside the proverbial "jewelry box"! Their jewelry is made from an array of interesting and unusual materials with some outstanding results. Here are just a few of them for your enjoyment:

     YesJess is a shop that specializes in knitted products. She is very successful, with 1188 sales to her credit since opening in April of 2009. She has a jewelry section in her shop that offers necklaces and bangles in a variety of styles. The following couple of photos are of her "Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold" which sells for $22.00 @
Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold
Double Pyramid Necklace in Light Grey and Gold

     "Cufflinks" is a simple name for a shop that offers an amazing number of whimsical cufflinks to choose from. He offers Leggo cufflinks, Leggo Starwars cufflinks, Bullet/Shell cufflinks, Coin cufflinks, Scrabble cufflinks, Tie tacks, and a shop section titled "Other" that includes cufflinks that look like playing cards, Monopoly pieces, etc. The following couple of photos are of his LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks which sell for $14.99 @
LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks
LEGO Smiley Head Brick Cufflinks

     I love contemporary art, furniture and now it seems I've discovered that I love contemporary jewelry. My home is definitely contemporary, but as I said before, I'm not trained in art and I'm not an artistic risk taker by nature, so I had to study for hours at the library to get the effect at home that I wanted. While browsing Etsy, I found "frankideas".  Frankideas uses felt, recycled plastic, buttons, rubber, and other textiles in her art.  Yes, I said, "her"! The shop was given its name by the owner, Rowan, who recently explained that her ideas are "frank", so it seemed appropriate. She considers herself a "free spirit" and so will you when you check out her shop. The following couple of photos are from her shop @    This first necklace is her felt and rubber olive green designer necklace which sells for $40.00
felt necklace, felt and rubber necklace. olive green. contemporary, handmade designer jewelry by frankideas on Etsy
The following is her paper necklace which sells for $45.00.  Beautiful!!!
paper necklace, paper jewelry,  red flower necklace

     "AlwaysAbby" specializes in jewelry made from ribbon rosettes, beads and pearls. Its fun and whimsical when dressing down, but perfect for dressing up too. She offers necklaces, headbands, and earrings @  Check out this Beautiful Pink Roses Necklace which sells for $20.00, perfect for dressing up a casual outfit for a quick lunch out with the girls.
Beautiful Pink Roses Necklace

Wedding Pearls: You Pick the Colors is perfect for that dress you've chosen for cousin Jane's wedding. The best part is....customize it to match! It sells for $17.00
Wedding Pearls: You Pick the Colors

I know you're thinking that I must get a kick back or something for promoting these shops, but I don't, really! I just like to browse Etsy and gab, online! So, while you're over at Etsy doing some browsing too, stop by my shop @ and have a look!

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