Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!......Etsy Style!!

     With 17 years of military service between the both of us, my husband and I know first hand what it means to serve our country. We understand the hardships and sacrifices faced by the men and women of the armed forces and their families, and we respect them tremendously. We still have family members serving and our oldest son is heading off to begin his career in the U.S. Navy this October. Our prayers go out to the men and women serving in harms way!
     Etsy shops have just about everything you can think of, so when I thought about doing a blog post about interesting items available in Etsy shops related to the military or Memorial Day, I was sure I could find some things that would stand out! Of course, I did, and here they are!

     Our first stop is at a cute little shop called "Hop Skip Jump Paper", which sells art prints. They have an entire shop section of "I Love You from...." prints that are associated with military bases or places like Afghanistan.  Their "I Love You From Here To Kandahar, Fine Art Print, 8x10" sells for $18.00 @
I Love You From Here To Kandahar, Fine Art Print, 8x10

     Our second stop is at a jewelry shop called "ParaWear 550"  that specializes in using  Mil-Spec ParaCord 550. This is a parachute cord, capable of supporting 550 lb. used by the military, survivalists, medical purposes, patrolmen, etc. They create several bracelets that would appeal to the military minded shopper. Their "Military Spouse Bracelet" sells for $8.00 @ and the next photo was is the bracelet for him.
Military Spouse Bracelet
     "Military Spouse Bracelet for Him" sells for $8.00 @
    Military Spouse Bracelet for Him

           Our third stop is a rustic sign shop, called "Sawdust & Stitches", that makes a variety of items in wood, vinyl, and cloth. The owner takes custom orders and turn-around is about 2-3 weeks, due to her dedication to her family. Her signs are popular and sell well. Her "Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Primitive Wood Sign" sells for $8.00 @
Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave Primitive Wood Sign

     Our last stop is a shop called,  "G3 Kreations by USCGWife", that creates some great jewelry. She's a Coast Guard, mother of 3 and one of her designs is the "Coast Guard Wife Necklace", which is completely customizable. You can change the "wife" and replace it with "mom," "grandmother," "aunt," "sister," and/or "daughter." The seal can be changed also - all branches of the military available. It sells for $15.00 @
Coast Guard Wife Necklace

Remember! I don't receive payment of any kind for featuring these great Etsy artisans and shops on my blog, so don't hesitate to stop by my shop too while your browsing around theirs.


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