Saturday, May 14, 2011

Need Supplies for all Your Crafts? Check out the Etsy supply shops!!

     When you think of Etsy, you usually imagine an array of handmade goods for sale, but Etsy offers supplies as well. Whether you're an artist trying to restock or a crafter looking for that hard to find product that makes a crafter's life so much easier, you're bound to find it in one of the Etsy supply shops. Better yet, if it's variety you're after, the competing Etsy shops provide plenty of variety to choose from. The wonderful search function allows shoppers to find all of the shops offering the item they're looking for which makes comparing styles, prices, colors, etc. easy.  Here are a few supply shops that offer some great products at wonderful prices!

     The first shop is mine,  "Beads2Buy",  which sells Pandora style beads, charms, and the snake chain bracelets to make the charm bracelets with. The beads are Murano glass lampwork beads with silver cores. They fit Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, & Biagi bracelets. The beads are high quality and the prices are great. Single Beads $1.50 ea.,     3 Beads for 3.35,      5 Beads for $5.25  Its very hard to find a better price for this quality of bead.   Pandora sells beads like these starting at $25 to $35 - check out their website, you'll want to return to the deals at
Beautiful Blue Pandora Style Bead

HMCreativeSupplies makes leather flower embellishments that can be added to items you're creating, they make leather rolled beads, and leather wrist bands for jewelry artists too. They offer a variety of ;eatjer colors and a variety of flower styles.
"Applique, embellishment,cabochon flowers baby blue color made from leather 3 PCS" which sells for $4.50@
Applique, embellishment,cabochon flowers baby blue color made from leather 3 PCS

     AMarketCollection creates die cut shapes from a variety of wool felt sheets. They have a large color range to choose from. They also create 3D flowers to add to your own creations. They will provide sheets of wool felt for your craft projects as well. Wool felt is not suitable for adding to clothing, due to lack of color fastness when laundered. Their "Wool Felt MINI Daisies Set of 8 - Dimensional Daisies" sell for $6.00 @
Wool Felt MINI Daisies Set of 8 - Dimensional Daisies

     BearyBox specializes in feathers. They sell feathers for hair extensions, jewelry, and other crafts. They have feathers in every imaginable color and length, from many species of birds. Their "GREEN Thin Long Grizzly Rooster Feathers" sell for $29.99 per dozen.  Check them out at
1 Dozen - GREEN Thin Long Grizzly Rooster Feathers

Of course, while you're browsing supplies at Etsy, stop over at my shop and my jewelry shop

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